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2 Company Profile
3 Company Organization
4 Our Business guide
5 Picture of our building exterior and our structural Study and Design room
6 Achieve a cost-effective Construction design using the latest IT tools
7 Perspective View of the building exteriors, HVAC and plumbing systems drawn in 3D
8 Site development planning and soil volume calculation using Inroads software
9 Saving total construction cost for about 20 to 30 percent
10 Clash Checking of Pipes on
Piperack/Structure using
3D Model Review Software
11 Structural Steel/RC Design & Fabrication Flow Chart by TEKLA Structure software
12 Examples of steel
connection design byTEKLA Structure software
13 Examples of design for multiple used piping connections
by TEKLA Structure software
14 Model of welding connection for Offshore Plant Structures
15 Example of design for BIO-mass Fuel plant by using TEKLA Structure software
16 Example of design for Steel Structure of IRON Manufacture Plant by using TEKLA Structure software
17 Example of design for Super Office Tower and HOTEL by using TEKLA Structures.
18 Example of structural design by PDS
19 Actual Example of Structural
Design by PDMS.
20 Example of design for Steel Structure of Power Station by using TEKLA Structure software
21 Economical Transportation of finished steel structure
22 Guide Map
23 Business Career