Saving total construction cost of steel structure for about 20 to 30 percent

WEC succeeded in developing a program called gWECsmoothh which can be integrated in Intergraph Plant Design System (PDS) software. The program has the capability of adjusting and coordinating between structural design software, namely FWP, StaadPro, Xsteel and Micro Station.

By using this program, the total cost of the steel structural design of building and steel fabrication for various types of plants will be able to cut for about 20 to 30 percent without affecting its production efficiency and design quality.

Furthermore, the program can also be integrated in CadCenter Plant Design Management System (PDMS)software

  • Basic planning and structural design for architectural and manufacture plant will indicate and monitor 2 or 3 dimensional picture and repeat modeling again and again and study suitable design and planning
  • Structural analysis will be the most economical design such as safety and use minimum member to material which we will use the latest technical software in the world and more than 30 years of experience.
  • Detail design of steel structure will be used for a function of 3 dimension steel structure system and indicate each member on 3 dimension picture. Then we will select and structure the latest model, which is able to link on drawing and makes automatically member list so that we will make high quality design. In addition, we will make CNC data. CNC data to be supporting equipment machine with CNC programming then we will be a product which is very effective for steel structure fabrication
  • 3 dimensional steel structure system avoids time loss and actual cost for change¨check¨correct in work which has automatically revised change in order to link with drawing and list.